Friday, 27 March 2015

The word of the ants

I always enjoy nature and animals in particular. Since I was a child, I used to go with my father to the countryside. Nowadays, I try to instill my son love and respect for nature.

This idea came up due to my fascination for social insects. It came to my mind that the best way to show this to children was through a harmless specie easy to learn, “Messor barbarous” ant. I did my best and I try to discover how to make a nest. Then, I thought for myself if my son enjoys it, the rest children from Zaleo will have fun too. Therefore, I spoke with teachers and the feedback was really positive. An online shop provided me the colony of ants for free. 

The ant´s nest was fascinating among children. For me, turning a simple “plaster craft” into a workshop has lived up to my expectations. 

I say thank you all the easiness that school staff provides families

Antonio Luengo Trillo, Leo's father (La Jirafa Colasa)

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  1. Sin tu iniciativa, no hubieramos aprendido tantas cosas sobre las hormigas. Nos encanta que compartas tus experiencias y conocimientos con la comunidad educativa de Zaleo. Gracias