Friday, 17 April 2015

Debate and education encounters

To be honest, I consider that all the developed activities have contributed to have a global vision of the families’ requirements; however, considering its complexity it could be suitable having more time to deepen into each topic. 

The sessions have been developed in a relax atmosphere which have made easier the participation. 

A “flexible” methodology has been used in order to prepare and develop each session, approaching each topic from different perspectives with the unique purpose of taking advantage of every session:

  •  “Tutelary” sessions held by experts who explained the topic and then, parents took part in the debate
  •  “Free” sessions that require a previous training and reflection from participants. Then, the feedback and the debate among all members are necessary.
  •  “Role playing” sessions which allowed us to face actual situation from the real life.

Although I wish teachers had participated more, I still considering that this opportunity to have different ways of thinking individually or at the role playing sessions have enriched each encounter. Thanks to this activity we have acquired new knowledge and vital experiences to face happily the relation and education towards our children.

Juan Eduardo Sanchez Lallana,  Samuel S. father. (La Jirafa Colasa)

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