Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dogs in the park and our behaviour

Sincerely, the feeling of contributing with experiences and knowledge according to a topic that our children enjoy, it is an emotion hard to explain. Just seeing how since the beginning of the activity they run into me and say hello or telling their parents that I am Antonio, the dog instructor, makes me feel so pleased. Not only as the father of a pupils, but much more. In addition, the respect and the attention they pay doing the activities are unequivocal symptoms of the stunning work that teachers do every day with our children. They are always willing to help, suggesting innovative ideas and having an incredible involvement day by day. The resources are suitable, due to the majority of them are coming from the teacher´s imagination. All the activities are trained at the rooms previously and then they dedicate an ideal time for the actual activity. For my experience, I would prefer to keep on doing these activities as an upside for boys and girls rather than do just a punctual experiment. Thanks to this experience, I have decided to set up an association in which I give talks and workshops in other schools, leisure centres, companies, etc. As far as the feedback is concerned I dare to say that it has been an achievement. As a result, I see viable the establishment of parents role as an agent of education at the schools. I hope many more mothers and fathers will have the possibility of participating in these experiences providing knowledge (as long as they find the balance between their professional lives and these activities).

Antonio Luengo Trillo, Leo's father. ( La Jirafa Colasa)

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