Friday, 24 April 2015

Building up feeding boxes for birds

I believe that the feeding boxes for birds workshop has been so welcomed by boys and girls. They have paid much attention. As usual, I have noticed their friendliness and affection due to I have felt crucial in their educational process. In my humble opinion, pupils have learnt that it is not difficult to help birds from our environment and facilitate their recover after the winter. The relationship with the educational personnel has been, as usual, so closed and positive. The resources have been suitable to do the activity. As far as the time is concerned, we were wrong initially with the timing and finally we took more. Anyway, we can see the upside of the process and think of the possibility of continue in the future. When I have the opportunity to work with the school I learn new things that I put in practice in my professional life.

Antonio Luengo Trillo,  Leo's father (La Jirafa Colasa)

Activity report

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