Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Chess educational workshop

In over all, I find so positive to develop this sort of activities. On one hand, incorporating at the educational curriculum the chess learning from an early age. On the other hand, making easier the families’ participation.

Firstly, according to little children, it has been so illustrative the teaching methodology, the practice and the explanations provided by the teachers. It is incredible see how quick our children learn. 

Secondly, see in first person the relations generated at the classrooms, the habits, and the links between the educational personnel and pupils. 

It has been so interesting to spend time with boys and girls sharing spaces, activities, etc. The complicity and confidence in children has been increased. 

At last, personally has been so rewarding sharing space with my own daughter. We have known each other even more. Thanks for providing me this opportunity!!

Ane Varela Mateos, Ada Manuela's  mother (Mono pepe)

Activity report

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