Thursday, 9 July 2015


The whole artistic works are in a certain way, interactive. They arouse a question and we are in charge of elaborating the answers taking into account our sensitiveness and our knowledge and interest field. An interactive installation is an artistic mechanism which is essential for our work. This activity will not have sense without the active participation of the observer.

When I am in charge of an interactive installation I always pay attention to children and I learn a lot just observing them and their reactions. Additionally, it has a crucial role as far as their leisure is concerned. I am really interested in checking that the child discovers an individual and direct method of relate with work. As well as I do with adults.

At Zaleo school they know perfectly what I mean. They learn to touch, to breathe, to see, to smell and to listen. Experience is considered the key vehicle to obtain the teaching from the environment, as a tool of knowledge that requires being stimulated. Therefore, they use artistic languages naturally and convincingly. Having the possibility of sharing this experience with them has been a pleasure. Sensitiveness, dedication and conviction are examples to be followed and their pedagogy is highly valued. We hope other teaching and learning spaces learn the procedure of this school. We hope to see that very soon due to be essential to live in a society where people learn how to know and value their world.

I would like to say thank you to all Zaleo nursery school which has given me a hand during this ambitious journey. I have learnt much and therefore, I say thank you very much. In concrete, I would like to express my gratitude to people who have worked very close to me: Goya, Mariano and Ana. Thanks for inviting me and I hope to see each other in future projects. A big hug to everybody.

Arturo Moya Villén

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