Friday, 10 July 2015

Multisensory spaces

Alicia´s family had the idea to give a fairy light bulb of colours (like in a disco) to be used at the classroom because at home is really successful with Alicia and her siblings. According to this initiative, the tutor asks us to provide material for children.

Because of the working reasons we couldn´t arrange the activity in the mornings; finally it was developed after the nap time.

Little by little, new ideas were aroused to enrich the purpose: carry a tent to hide children inside, an outdoor light tube…

We refused taking music to focus on the visual aim.

The proper day to do the activity, Mila is in charge of the location of the tent, the light bulb, the hose of light and try to make the classroom, as dark as possible.

Children seemed to be surprised by the new atmosphere and they run to hide themselves inside the tent, anyway, they decided to explore the environment very soon.

In the end, the majority of the family participated. For instance, the elder brother (a former Zaleo pupil) surprised us suggesting brilliant ideas, helping us at any time and enriching the activity.

We shared a good time all together. It has been a pleasure to feel like at home along with the school staff.

Flor Ibáñez, Alicia´s mother.

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