Friday, 10 July 2015

Drifting Poetry

This was a beautiful project, and as far as I can see, completely thought and carried out by one of the teachers, Bernardo, who relied on the whole educational community to carry this through. It was an activity that let us go outside Zaleo’s doors, and not only did the teachers and families get involved but also external people and most importantly, the kids. Not just as observers, but also an active and necessary part of the development of the activity.

I would note that I would have liked the project to have been explained fully from the start to have a global vision that could help me understand it as a whole; this would have then fed my motivation in the opportunities that arose to actively participate.

However, it did have a special beauty, and as I mentioned it let you participate in different ways, times and spaces so that no matter who you were, you enjoyed the project. The final exhibition was stunning and really symbolic. The vocals were incredible, although I missed a space for the little ones from Zaleo to listen.

I especially liked the “whispers from Zaleo”, it was tender, magic and beautiful. What a shame to miss the ones in the library, they must have been fantastic.

Thanks Bernardo and to everybody who made it possible.

Sara Quiles, Julia’s Mum (Caballo Ramón)

Activity report

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