Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Croatian Families opinion

We asked the parents that participated in activities what was thier impression and opinion. Here is what they said:

Carnival - Activities in family surroundings

Children enjoyed and felt the festive carnival atmosphere with singing, dancing and noisy instruments. We used to visit both known and unknown families during carnival in our childhood but now it’s all gone. This renewed and revived my memories of joy we felt when we sang and danced under masks. I think children should be allowed to participate in the traditional ways in which children were involved once upon a time. (Maya's mom)

First mountain trip – Kalnik

I am very pleased with this common activity in the mountains. I especially liked that I met parents and children, which I have not seen so far in the kindergarten. I made friends with other children and their parents, and I'm going back home refreshed and filled with new strength and vigor (Mark's dad)

It was wonderful. If I did not go to this trip I would spend time home alone with my daughter. This way we were in good company, together with parents, children and staff from the kindergarten. We will definitely go next time. (Marina's mom)

Activity report

Travelogue -  India

Time that was offered was not enough for everything that the mother had prepared. Children’s questions led her to variety of topics and she wanted to show photos and video for each topic. Just the search for contents had taken away a lot of time. She had a lot of materials and she got the impression that the activity is not brought to an end as she planned. After the activities when we talked she said that she was lost in the multitude of videos and photos and that she should have to put in a one place so that children don’t wait too long.

Activity report

Night of Books

Mother which conducted the activity was especially honored with our invitation and gladly accepted. Communication with children ran very well and the children in activity were extremely interested and were asking a lot of sub-questions. She was delighted when the children told her that they make picture books themselves, especially when she found out that her elder son Michael took part in one illustration. In an interview after the activity she has expressed surprise and delight with children’s creativity and their interest in making up their own stories. 

Activity report

Math as a game

Children enjoyed the games, it is an easy and interesting way to learn math in a longer period of time. Everyone had a very interesting and enjoyable time. We were especially pleased by the image that came as a result of the game of drawing different lines. The painting of unusual shapes and diverse lines was inspired by a variety of natural phenomena and this time we looked at the stone – agate for inspiration.  (Vid's mother)

Activity report

Visiting an interacive exhibition “Elektro Baroque”

“This way we will develop the ability to "do it yourself“ and strengthen the confidence of children in their own capabilities. In addition to educational value there is chance of reducing the consumer way of thinking in children." (Mark's dad) 

Activity report

Mini Olympics

This kind of cooperation we really liked. New customs, culture, language as many possible for children to broaden their horizons and become citizens of the world. Cooperation with parents was great. More and more parents should get involved to recognize the importance of cooperation in the joint education of children. (Andro’smother)

Spanish and Flamenco

It was a great pleasure to participate in activities with the children and my experience helped me, as a parent, to connect with kindergarten and the teachers. When selecting activities I was led by the desire to offer children something that will expand their horizons, in appropriate and fun way, and that is closely related to my profession and preferences. I am very pleased with the results and the reaction of the children participating and others who were not directly involved. I also want to point out a wonderful feeling of sharing activities with my own child, which helped to connect and open a window to her small world and the world of her friends. And all of that through acting, rhythm, movement, dance and of course lots of laughter. (Leona’s mom)

Traditional games

Mom N.L.: "Moy son told me that they are playing games in kindergarten, and that us parents will do the same. I was surprised how much he talked about it and ask me whether I was working that day or not. It was important to him that I come and participate. "
Mom RJ: "At first I was embarrassed when I thought about how I'm going to jump in the sack, but it turned out really fun, in the end we all tried, even my husband. It was crowded but the atmosphere was great because a lot of fans applauded, shouting... We goofed around and talked with other parents, the time passed quickly. "


“Time spent with children in yoga gatherings, as part of the SELF project, was first of all a lot of fun and a wonderful experience :-) It gave me the opportunity to remind myself that the priceless value of the game-based learning, but it also gave some new aspects of self-knowledge, insight into the parent-child and teacher-child relationship given that one a child from the group was my son. At the same time I received a new view of the teachers who work in a kindergarten ... a little deeper insight into their daily work and particularly large involvement in activities that need continuous planning and implementing. Once again I confirmed the great value of yoga for children (and not only them) in the development of important skills, in the supportive and non-competitive environment.
Personally, it means a lot to get such a possibility of cooperation of parents in the educational process that normally is performed by teachers. Through interaction with children I also got positive feedback from their side. I believe that through this, and other activities (which includes the parents) strengthens the relationship and trust between child-teacher-parent.
With gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the project SELF.” 


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