Thursday, 9 July 2015

Washing Up Bowl Activity

Free play with specific materials fascinates me. I wanted to strengthen this activity in class involving all the families. The idea was to bring an object from our daily life, which we use at home, but without having to buy or make anything. Participation was essential but at the same time effort was hardly required.

I felt very happy doing the activity, when I suggested it to Loli, she didn’t doubt it; “Do it”. After that I asked families what they thought and they loved the idea. That helped me feel sure in setting up the activity.

My relationship with the kids consisted of presenting the activity with a sentence and afterwards allowing them to observe, and enjoy what they created. They built, transformed, laughed, invented, smiled, imagined, cried and resolved problems without hardly any adult intervention, only on one or two occasions when we thought there could be a problematic conflict. I also accepted anyone that needed comforting.

In this case we used washing up bowls, but it could have been anything. The activity could easily be carried out during the year with any type of material that families decided, and they take turns in carrying out the activity.

What was learnt: It was fantastic to be able to share the classroom with your own daughter and teacher. Confront and enjoy different ways of doing something together. Regarding the kids, I think that this activity promotes autonomy, imagination and a never ending set of skills that enrich the presence of family members as a new reference in the classroom.

Sara, Julia’s Mum. (Ramón the Horse class)

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